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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  February 28, 2013 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> announcer: the parting shot with bill press. this is the "bill press show." >> bill: all right, we're really out of time today. so i just want to take my parting shot today is just to say to michael bloomberg mayor of new york, job well done! a lot of people talk about issues. you decide to do something about it. you put your own money on the line for gun safety. creating your own super pac to support candidates who are for sensible gun control measures. you won a big race out in chicago with robin kelly. you've won three races last year. michael bloomberg, thank you for standing up for sensible gun safety measures. good job mr. mayor!
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>> stephanie: hello, current tv land. hour number 1. karl frisch right out of the box. >> you're letting karl frisch out of the box. >> stephanie: yes. at the risk of winding up the health bot we're going to have to have a health care corner. the government is running half of them may be preferable right? >> right. because there's bargaining power and solidarity to having the national government run the state health care exchanges. >> stephanie: rather than republican governors that aren't for it. >> yeah. >> stephanie: that are going to
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perhaps deliberately screw it up to make the president look bad. >> yes. >> stephanie: we will have a jacki's health care corner to tell everybody what will be happening. here she is in the meantime. >> good morning, everybody. same-sex marriage advocates are urging the president to file a friend of the court brief today asking the justices to overturn prop 8. president obama reiterated his support for days by and lesbians to have the same protections under the law last month. and they hoped the president's brief would help overturn prop 8 and make it unconstitutional to
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ban same-sex marriage in the future. the government did file a brief last week saying section three of bow ma was unconstitutional. and today is the last day of work for pope benedict. the has pledged quote unconditional reverence and oh beadance. he gave an unexpected speech today, in which he encouraged the cardinals to work together harmoniously. the cardinals will meet monday. the pope leaves the palace for the last time as pope at 5:00 tonight at 8:00 pm he is officially retired. we'll be back after the break. you're going to want to stay with us.
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>> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ [ laughter ] >> stephanie: all right everybody look alive rocky mountain mike wants you to know the pope's going away lunch at the olive garden. >> i heard they have the best food in rome. >> stephanie: jim said -- >> i think i broke a table last night.
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>> stephanie: he said i probably shouldn't drink vodka. it makes me angry. >> is there something you drink that makes you a giggly drunk? >> i'll have to work on that. >> a flirtini. >> stephanie: i -- depreciation drinking less went into effect for me last night. and it went really well. roland and i talked about going cold turkey, and now we're like how will bottles can we bring to rehab? that's what we're doing. >> which is which? >> stephanie: doesn't matter. the important thing is guess who is here?
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jackie chan? >> you can get karl frisch or karate karate. >> stephanie: he does do a little political jujitsu. >> hi karl. >> stephanie: your tweets consist of political jujitsu. >> yeah, let me move these cinder blocks out of the way. >> stephanie: i loved your tweet, now republicans can get back to blocking everything else after chuck hagel is confirmed. house gop could learn something from chris christie, people like you when you work with obama. isn't that something? >> well, i -- it is something. i don't know why 74% of new yorkians like chris christie. the only thing i can chuck it up to is that he worked with the president. so i think house republicans -- i mean if you look at any poll the most unpopular -- it's always fun to
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watch boehner and the congressional republicans talk about how congress is broodly unpopular. >> stephanie: exactly. it is an interesting case in point, here is chris christie who was broodly criticized for working with the president and now he doesn't even get to go to cpac. >> yeah, that right-wing sleep over. >> stephanie: and of course michelle obama. >> i don't even think i got to type the number 2 before it started. >> stephanie: yeah, and they literally say this will never happen and laura bush -- >> and ronald reagan by the way. and then my friends are quick to point out.
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well, they didn't give best picture. >> stephanie: oh, yes. >> oh, my god. >> stephanie: when michelle obama does it, it's uppity. >> yeah, i have no problem with the first lady or the president giving an award or saying something. if there is a point of criticism it would be over hypocrisy. and if there was something critical about them doing it that would be one thing but there certainly was weren't michelle obama. >> stephanie: right. and then domea -- this is big stuff going on. what was it 80 republicans -- >> that was amazing. >> yeah as of 8:00 this morning, all of the bills are in. but i think they announced
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approximately 100 republicans that have come out against -- >> stephanie: yeah. >> you have christy todd whitman who was interesting. >> stephanie: and david frum wrote a piece on why he signed the brief. >> yes. it's not the typical names you are used to seeing. >> stephanie: i can make one prediction is that scalia will say something incredibly irritating and homophobic. >> yeah. during oral arguments yesterday, which sounds much more exciting than it is at the supreme court, there is a case called shelby county in alabama, versus holder which is challenging the key provisions of the voting rights act of
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1965. it was also one of the -- it was the seminal thing that made it so all of those voting id laws didn't go through like they planned last time around so during the oral arguments scalia called the voting rights act, a racial entitlements. >> stephanie: is that unbelievable. and the fact there has been a unanimous vote forit must mean there is something wrong with it. >> yeah, and if scalia is right that a senate vote is suspicious because it is unanimous. it is worth remembering that he was confirmed to the supreme court on a 98-0 vote. [♪ dramatic music ♪] >> stephanie: oh, that deems looking into. >> and what this really sets up is what is justice roberts going
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to do? is he going to show that the supreme court believes scalia's arguments, or make the mountain of evidence that there is still a problem with rich shall discrimination when it comes to voting. >> stephanie: yeah. >> and even if you are included in the act it doesn't mean you have to be forever, if you can show the federal government that for ten years you have not tried to keep from voting based on the color of their skin you can be opted out. so shelby county could show ten years of consistency and be out of the voting right's act. >> stephanie: absolutely. in other pope news. pope benedict will take the name pope classic. >> that's better than crystal
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pope. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: let's dive into the right-wing world. monica crowley. >> president obama and the democrats have massive congressional majorities for the last two years, after that when the republicans got control of the house, republicans have done nothing but compromise. [ overlapping speakers ] >> a lot of his agenda. >> they gave president obama the tax hike he wanted. where is the balance coming from the president. >> stephanie: did she just say house republicans have done nothing but compromise with the president? >> she did. >> yeah, it's ridiculousness like that that gives fox news a bad name. let's review the evidence okay? they did not have a supermajority for two years. even if you think they did, remember they didn't have 60 votes in the senate until almost a year into the senate term.
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and then even after that they didn't have 60 votes because joe lieberman sat out there as an independent. and it is a fact -- it is almost fact, which i realize the right thinks has a liberal bias that the republicans in the senate have filibustered more and blocked more nominations than any senate in the history of the senate. >> stephanie: yep. sean hannity. >> to me we're stealing from our kids, and he won't every acknowledge obama give us $6 trillion in debt. what is wrong with them? they can't acknowledge basic simple truths. [ laughter ] >> wow. >> stephanie: once again arguing about numbers. >> yeah. >> he is like the epitome of the man looking in the mirror and
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o'reilly has gotten really good at claiming that too. he'll put a number that says the debt was this in this year and it is this now. without explaining where the money came from, not talking about during the bush administration, we didn't put the wars in iraq or afghanistan on the budget. he didn't talk about how medicare part d was not paid for. he didn't talk about how the bush tax cuts drove the deficit. and how that makes up for almost all of the spending. >> stephanie: yeah, has anyone ever said that to sean hannity. >> stephanie you want to hear what that sounds like. i'll play keith elson, and you play sean hannity. >> stephanie: okay. the president put $6 trillion of debt on our children. >> you are wrong keith, and you
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are wrong and you are a liberal and you are just apologizing for the president. [ applause ] >> stephanie: thank you, karl frisch. >> i will have michelle obama accepting the award on my behalf. >> stephanie: yes. rush limbaugh >> this is in direct violation of the oath of office defend and protect the constitution of the united states, and the people. he is opening the doors of prisons before the sequester has even happened. before there have even been any budget cuts. this is so childish. >> stephanie: first of all, ice has said these are not dangerous criminals. >> right. >> stephanie: again, it is because of the republicans that we have the sequester, and this is completely untrue. >> yeah, in translation, we're talking about brown people on the streets my friends! [ laughter ] >> yeah, rush limbaugh at this point has become a caricature of
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himself. >> stephanie: exactly. kids carbonite, why must i say it anymore? do you know the it recovery guy? remember he had written me and he said someone has a ka pooey, something happened, lost everything in her computer. she did not have carbonite, he had to call a data recovery company, they charged $2,000. and they didn't get everything back. for just $59 for the entire year, she could have had carbonite. carbonite backs up everything in your computer on the icloud automatic -- excuse me on the cloud. not necessarily the icloud just a cloud. >> the carbonite cloud. >> stephanie: a few clicks and you get everything back. >> it's amazing. >> stephanie: just $59 for the entire year, and that includes
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access to all of those backed up files from anywhere. do it now. don't be an oh no letter., the offer code is stephanie. >> and don't make a $2,000 mistake. >> stephanie: right. that's stupid stupid. we'll be right back with more karl frisch on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: the station where the hand basket to hell leaves from. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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this show is about being up to date, staying in touch with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about political grandstanding. ♪ ♪ bad bad -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ -- baddest -- >> announcer: girl --
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♪ -- in the whole damn world ♪ >> stephanie: that's the thing with addiction, sometimes you have to wean yourself instead of go cold turkey. momma two glasses of wine last night. screaming goats it might take longer. >> like jump the shark. >> stephanie: yes, when someone sends you this you have to -- ♪ and i -- [ screaming goat ] ♪ -- will always love you ♪ [ screaming goat ] ♪ -- love you, i will always love you ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ >> stephanie: i'm like just one more. that's the last one. and then i'm done. my addiction is done.
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[ applause ] >> stephanie: good morning, again, karl frisch. you know you wanted it. >> that was incredible. i thought we got enough of the screaming goat with scalia yesterday. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: all right. steve doocy. >> by releasing [ inaudible ] they have heard from ice it could be 10,000. they're hoping by releasing these people in advance of the sequester it puts the heat on republicans to go ahead and cave on taxes which they're not going to do. plus never let a good sequestration go to place there is a chance the administration are simply throwing their amnesty fans a bone. >> what? >> no, that has never happened before, and i love the way that fox news talks about this stuff,
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it is like they are letting brown people on the street. >> stephanie: yeah, scary. >> they will not compromise, even though brown people are being let out on to the street. >> stephanie: yeah, ice has said these are not dangerous criminals. these are the consequences of the sequester, right? >> you say dangerous they say brown. >> stephanie: and dan salomon. >> in the year 2013, we're going to see an explosion of attacks on white haves by black have nots and more specifically on christian, heterosexual white haves, by black muslim and athreeists. if you are a white heterosexual christian, working, married
6:29 am
person, if you don't have a gun on you, know how to use it and make sure that everyone in your family who is of age has a weapon and knows how to use it there's at least a substantial chance that you and or some member of your family will be hurt and/or killed. >> by black people. >> stephanie: that was like a mirror image of obama's speech. >> i was trying to keep a weird messed up diagram of all of the people that are included and excluded. you know who was sitting in that interview with him was the president of gun owners of america. which a lot of right-wing media outlets have been pumping up that guy and he agreed. >> yeah. gun owners of america are the right-wing version of the nra, if that's possible. >> right. they are so right-wing that they
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don't even have wings. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: you are just planning your next drive-by of a white married christian man. okay. dennis miller on o'reilly. >> billy i was going skip the oscars this year but i was in my office at home, and i had the 24-hour aday all barack obama channel on and there it was right between her gardening show, and obama raw ma, there were the oscars and then on her way home last night, she stopped and sunk a half court shot and it's a good day to be obama. you see photo ops of him in every single aspect of his day-to-day life, say, what do they call that?
6:31 am
oh, yeah governance. i never see any of those shots. >> is there a joke there there somewhere? >> stephanie: wow. see -- as jim tried to point out to the fledgling comedy people, it needs to be based on some sort of truth. >> yeah, and just calling bill o'reilly billy doesn't start it off as a joke. >> stephanie: yeah. please. okay. have a good one. [ applause ] >> stephanie: please call me babe for the rest of the show. representative linda sanchez is next.
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>> announcer: ♪ there's enough tuna and merlot to last me two weeks. but where would i pee? oh, i'll just go in the empty bottle. yay. >> stephanie: all right. thirty-four minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. one of our personal favorites, one of the congressional dance moms and congress woman laura sanchez. good morning, congress woman. >> good morning. clearly my reputation precedes me. >> stephanie: yes. good morning.
6:37 am
happy sequester week to you. >> oh, yes. >> stephanie: this is really -- i -- you know i don't know what to say. all the republicans seem interested in is the blame game. i was reading somewhere that boehner's spokes person said we think we have succeeded in making the american people think it is the president's fault. and it's like no it isn't. >> these guys are so -- oh gosh -- silly, because they voted for this. eric cantor voted for this. the sequester was part of the budget-control act that they passed last fall. i didn't vote for it because it was stupid deep cuts, and here we are. they are going to come into effect tomorrow, and now they are going to say that somehow it's the president's fault? it's unbelievable how they are
6:38 am
not willing to take responsibility for anything. and this is the same group that is always ranting and raving about we need responsibility in this country. >> stephanie: yeah this is going to put republicans on the defensive, and our friend charlie pierce that we had on yesterday was talking about this, there are local news programs everywhere that these are going to be all of the stories, right? >> absolutely. it is going to effect every single district in the country. just the talk of the sequester has already injected uncertainty into the economy. people are going to feel the very real impacts in each and every district. because we're talking about letting go of law enforcement and public safety personnel, letting go of teachers and head start teachers cutting meals
6:39 am
for seniors, and food insecure women and children. you name it it will be affected by sequester. >> stephanie: it doesn't sound like there is any attempts at negotiation. is that right? >> right. we have known this was coming for a long time, and the republicans have dug in their heels and said -- first they tried to back out the military cuts and say 100% of the cuts on domestic programs. they are not willing to talk about revenue raisers. they don't want to take an balanced approach, and there is a certain idealogical group that thinks these sequester cuts are going to curve government spending, so it's good for us in the long term, because the number one issue for them is deficit reduction. >> stephanie: right. >> if you talk to people across the country, we're concerned
6:40 am
about deficit spending but the number one fear and issue of people is am i going to have a job tomorrow and be able to support my family. that's more important to them than these drastic across the board cuts that are going to -- you know, wind up, you know, forcing people to lose their jobs or be furloughed and -- that's just not good for the economy. >> stephanie: right. congress woman sanchez somebody said this could be up to a million jobs. the president has said people are going to lose their jobs. >> this is going to mean job loss, and we are still in the stages of economic recovery. we have been seeing positive signs. 's been a -- sort of a pattern of a slow but steady climb out of the recession hole that we were in, but these cuts are going to send us right back to the drawing board, because it is
6:41 am
going mean higher unemployment rates, less consumer spending less investment by businesses. they get spooked, and they don't want to hire people. it's just a downward spiral all over again. >> stephanie: yeah. congress woman we just finished right-wing world, and the mere mongering is all the president is releasing prisoners into the street, which is code word for brown people. and the president has said these are not dangerous detainees. >> no, these are people on home monitor monitors they have no past violent history. these are oftentimes very productive citizens that
6:42 am
contribute a lot to their community and the economy, so because of the cuts that they are anticipating they are simply, you know, going to the least harmful solution which is, you know, to allow the, you know, the most productive folks to be not physically detained. >> stephanie: congress woman you heard john boehner say the senate needs to get off of its ass. >> yeah. >> stephanie: debbie wasserman schultz said this yesterday. >> it is entirely within the purview of congress to pass legislation and second it to the president. so why didn't john boehner reaching out to harry reid sitting down with nancy pelosi, and mitch mcconnell and hammering out a compromise. >> stephanie: hello. >> yeah, i mean he -- john
6:43 am
boehner telling the senate they need to get off their ass that's the pot calling the kettle black -- >> stephanie: or orange in his case. >> right. if you look at the legislative schedule in terms of what baner will allow to come to the floor for a vote it's meaningless. we can't even get the must-pass pieces of legislation done because boehner can't even get his caucus to support anything that would take care of the country's business. they are the party of no. compromise is a dirty word. they are not governing this country, and what i find highly ironic, these are the folks that are constantly harping about how we need certainty for businesses so they can plan their hiring and investing, and they are the folks who have been in charge the last two years, who have
6:44 am
injected the most uncertainty into the economy by pulling these stupid games of we're not going to pay our bills because we want it 100% our way, and it's our way or the highway. >> stephanie: yeah. >> so, again, they are trying to pass the buck and pass responsibility off on to somebody else because they won't take personal responsibility for it. >> stephanie: yeah we played somebody on right-wing world that said that republicans have done nothing but compromise. and i'm sure that's how you remember it. >> do you remember the little book 1984 by george orewell, where bad is good? >> stephanie: right. >> that's the world we are living in. they are contort themselves and just basically flat out misrepresent things because they think it suits their purposes
6:45 am
but i think the american public is smarter than that. >> stephanie: they are actualtive rooting against america. they are hoping these cuts happen so they can blame the president. >> right. >> stephanie: they are saying iceberg get ahead, go faster. >> exactly. representative there is a power chick breakfast in your honor, and we determined it would take me 14 hours to get from burbank to long beach to get there on time, but congratulations and thank so much. >> thank you, stephanie. [ applause ] >> maybe there will be something in the future you can do -- >> stephanie: we google mapped that. we're like i would love to but
6:46 am
you cannot get there by 9:00 a.m. last time you guys laughed at me when i had to get somewhere -- i had to get to the exotic movie location of culvert city. in a culvert. >> the wizard of oz was filmed in culvert city, so there you go. >> and gone with the wind. >> yeah. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: big news yesterday was dozens of republicans -- what did he say 100? >> yeah, i think so. >> stephanie: signed the brief to the supreme court in support of same-sex marriage rights. almost 60 businesses have also signed briefs. xerox did it first and then everyone else copied it.
6:47 am
[♪ circus music ♪] [ laughter ] >> stephanie: see what i did there. [ laughter ] [♪ circus music ♪] >> really? really? >> stephanie: andrew sullivan said these businesses want to attract the best working forces as they can, and he added in the end the free market matters and in the end it wants gay equality. >> yep. ♪ let's hear it for the boys ♪ ♪ >> stephanie: and thank you xerox, copy that. [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: i did it again. i went back and got it again. >> you are making my tummy hurt. >> stephanie: bam. >> bah da boom bah da bing! what aim a clown? here to amuse you? >> stephanie: i cannot get any support here. >> not after that. >> stephanie: copy that xerox.
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>> announcer: fresh republican outrage. you keep listening, she'll make more. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ alright, in 15 minutes we're going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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>> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> with a distinctly satirical point of view.
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if you believe in state's rights but still believe in the drug war you must be high. >> only on current tv. ♪ ♪ and running, and running, and running, and running, and everybody, everybody, get into -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ get fun, get fun ♪ ♪ let's get it started, ha,
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let's get it started in here ♪ ♪ let's get it started ha ♪ >> stephanie: i'm like this with the peas as you know. me and will-i-am hung. he is a pee. >> he had taboo on the show. are you counting the lesser pea >> stephanie:? yes. >> he ain't fergie. >> stephanie: yes, it's like charles baldwin, it's all right they all count. >> i don't think daniel baldwin counts. >> stephanie: not him. [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: this hour brought to you by go to my pc. try it free for 45 days type in the promo code stephanie, won't you? 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. oh, you know what i forgot say?
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[♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: we have a former top interrogate for, when i read that piece about "zero dark thirty." jim was right dick cheney was the technical advisor any way, ali soufan wrote that piece, and he joins us at -- next and jacki schechner joining us at the top of the hour. >> wee! >> stephanie: hi cherry in massachusetts. >> caller: hello there i'm from the people's republican of massachusetts, and i was listening to the gun owners of america spokesperson talking, and i had a feeling how this was
6:55 am
an eerie parallel to what happened in rwanda. and i think the folks at fox and the other media outlets are enabling these things. i think the first amendment is central to our democracy, and the cure to bad speech is not sensorship but more speech. >> stephanie: exactly. more -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> stephanie: -- is the answer to anything. >> caller: absolutely. >> any time there are these horrific tragedies like newtown, gun sales go up. >> stephanie: yeah we were saying that wayne lapierre does not even speak for nra members he speaks for the gun-buying
6:56 am
lobby. 61% of americans want stricter gun control laws. did you see that sandy hook parent -- >> oh, yesterday he was testifying before -- >> stephanie: oh. holding the picture and crying. how are you a human and not -- and he was talking about banning assault weapons. how horrific was that to have to listen to him talk about the specific injuries his son suffered, and how he died and you know -- literally it's just heart breaking. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: oh another edition of you are not helping. >> okay. >> stephanie: idaho lawmakers force all adults into militias to protect gun rights. there's a problem solver. you will be shocked to know it's a republican lawmaker jim. he has proposed -- he feared the
6:57 am
u.s. supreme court would change the definition of the second amendment and argued that the federal government could never take away people's guns if the idaho constitution were changed to make all adults go into a militia. >> i see where he's going. >> stephanie: five year olds. >> that's the first step toward idaho succeeding from the union. >> yes. >> stephanie: margo you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: hi, stephanie. you are the greatest. i want to talk about the -- i understand [ inaudible ] 147
6:58 am
days in 2012 congress. the voters should be able to vote that -- whatever you call that mad stupid party. they are 50% pay cuts. they don't deserve over $50,000 a year. they don't work, and they are a bunch of fascist terrorists and they are working against our government. they should all be put in prison for what they are doing to our country. >> stephanie: oh, my. she is on a tear today. harry reid. >> republicans are too busy fighting amongst themselves and instead they do nothing. >> i'm sorry if you have to hear like this. >> i have offered him many times
6:59 am
jim to work on his outside void. >> i'm livid, i'm sorry you have to see me this way. i'm beside myself. >> stephanie: okay. he makes senator mitch mcconnell look like some sort of a -- like a mad man. nicolas cage of the senate. >> you wouldn't like me when i'm angry, i turn green -- oh wait i already am. >> he wasn't elected to work for the congress he wants. he was elected to work with the congress he has. >> stephanie: yep. yep. >> and he tries to work with them and over and over again -- >> stephanie: he tried to work with the douche nozzles he has, however -- pardon me? >> you don't go to war with the army you wish you had. you go to war with a count try you never should have started a war with in the first place. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> stephanie: a moment of
7:00 am
honesty. >> yeah. >> stephanie: when we come back -- hum? we have talked about this can eric bole lard and others, this media, oh, both sides -- it's a this -- you know, bipartisan gridlock. it is not. it is entirely one side's fault and it is incredible how they pick that up. the president is not leading in some way. we'll talk about that and jacki's health care corner as we continue on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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[♪ theme music ♪]
7:02 am
>> stephanie: welcome current tv land. hour number 2. jacki schechner i know how shy you are talking about health care. don't be nervous. there is a jacki's health care corner coming up at the top of the hour. >> oh, there is. >> i texted you. >> i didn't see it. >> stephanie: you have been so notified. >> good that it will be a big surprise. >> stephanie: right. yeah, because it's a great piece you sent us about states saying no to market health care places -- it's about half and half. >> there's going to be partnerships. and then some of the states are going to do it on their own. >> stephanie: it's all coming up
7:03 am
in what? october-ish. >> they have to be up and running by october. >> stephanie: jacki schechner will tell you all of that. nurse jacki coming up in just a moment. in the meantime it's news jacki. >> secretary of state john kerry is in rome today. he announced the u.s. is going to provide direct non-lethal aide to the sirrians for the first time. the administration also giving an additional $60 million to help oust the president. secretary kerry has always joined on to a joint statement with 11 other senior officials from countries who plan to coordinate help to empower the sirrian people. and briton and france have
7:04 am
indicated a desire to supply the people if the european union partners give the okay. in his state of the city address earlier this month, michael bloomberg announced his plan to get rid of plastic foam take-out containers. now a new quinnipiac poll shows that 69% of new york city voters are behind the idea and only 26% are against. less popular is his ban on big sodas. 51% of voters don't approve. the same poll asked a number of other questions including who city voters think the best mayor they have had in the past 50 years, rudy giuliani comes out on top, and then ed koch and bloomberg are tied for second.
7:05 am
now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
7:06 am
7:07 am
7:08 am
>> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: uh-huh. it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome it to. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. robert mcfadden at the bottom of the hour to talk about ali soufan's op-ed in the "new york times." great stuff. [ applause ] >> stephanie: turns out it was all -- >> yeah. >> stephanie: i was quoting from that this week.
7:09 am
all right. so important stuff coming up on health care. so you know what that means? ♪ hello, come on it's jacki ♪ >> stephanie: hello, jacki schechner. >> well, good morning. >> stephanie: good morning, nurse jacki. >> i feel the need to be cheery after that song comes on. >> stephanie: you make us happy. obamacare has a better chance of success if it is taken out of the hands of governors who want to see it fail. >> yes. richard hersh is very good at breaking down complicated health care policy into understandable terms. he is kind of the guy that i learned it from. and he is a "huffington post" piece up, and he talks about the
7:10 am
health care bill and what passed in the house versus what passed in the senate. and what passed in the house was the version of the national health care exchange, and what passed in the senate was the idea that states would set up their own exchange. but the default was if states didn't do it the federal government would take over. >> stephanie: that's what you are here at the "stephanie miller show," you are the momma bird and you regurdtait little pieces of health care information into our mouths. >> mixed with chunks of worm. >> stephanie: oh! protein. [ overlapping speakers ] >> see what you did there? >> stephanie: jacki it is good
7:11 am
news that states have anything to do with the [ inaudible ] he said resistance by republican governors is leading to implementation of the law in a way that is much closer to what you just said the house bill. but the point is better than having people that don't really believe in it implement it badly. >> correct. you don't want people like rick scott, or rick perry -- pretty much anybody named rick. >> stephanie: right. [ laughter ] >> you don't want these governors who have been adamantly against the affordable care act from the beginning setting up the exchanges because they ultimately want to see them fail. so why would you allow or want them to be in charge. the idea that they are saying no and defaulting to the federal government is a good thing for us in the long run.
7:12 am
>> stephanie: he says we can be the governors in these states would do the minimum. on the other hand some of the other states have decided to set up their own marketplaces are doing what the house law hoped being models like massachusetts, which did an excellent job. that's going to be the good thing, right? >> right. try to make the purchase of health insurance not only easier, but also easier to understand, because it's complicated, and every time you need to enroll in some sort of health insurance plan you have pages and pages of some sort of complicated language, and the idea of the exchange would be to make it more palatable all the way around and the federal government has -- the idea that
7:13 am
they are going to partner with local institutions to get some places up and running, so there will be some alternatives to just these large insurance companies if possible. >> stephanie: jacki for those who just tuned in, so by october all of these exchanges will be up and running, but for the layperson what does that mean? and what do you do? >> you think about it in terms of like when you travel shop online, you go to expedia or orbit or kayak, and it aggregates all of the information, and you can choose your flights and hotels so it's going to aggregate all of the health care plans in your state what is available, and you'll be able to comparison shop and then you'll be able to pick and choose what you would like online in this marketplace. >> stephanie: so individuals -- say we're here in california. individuals say who have a crappy plan now that doesn't cover much or say -- i have
7:14 am
plans here for my small business, literally this show, are you going to be able to shop and go can i get a better plan? >> individuals and some small businesses will be able to do that. it won't be open to large businesses at the onset, but it will be open to individuals in small business. but a large portion of people still get their health insurance through work. like 95% of people. so we're talking about hopefully covering you know, millions of people 29 million by 2021. i don't know why i said 2012 -- it should be 2014. i think it may be a misprint. >> stephanie: unless you are benjamin button. >> right. so we're talking about millions and millions of people but a majority of people still do get
7:15 am
their health insurance benefits through their workplace. >> stephanie: as you know, as a small business owner i'm always look at ways to exclude chris -- >> hey! >> stephanie: but we can find maybe a better more affordable plan as a small business right? >> yes and also it's not going to be able to reject people with preexisting conditions. a lot of people lose their jobs and when they lose their jobs they lose their benefit. and if you have ever had to go out on the insurance market yourself, insurance companies are very good at over pricing it or rejecting you out right for a preexisting condition. so if you have a hang nail it can be a preexisting condition. there's no standard as for what is and isn't considered. now this will allow everybody to buy an affordable plan or get a
7:16 am
taxpayer subsidy, to help you afford a health insurance plan. >> i don't have a hang nail you know why? because you talked me into getting gel nails. how do you like the new color? >> i like that. >> it is better than the pepto bismol pink. >> stephanie: okay. dave in north carolina. >> caller: hey, there. how are you doing. >> stephanie: good. go ahead. >> caller: [ inaudible ] well but anyway. i have been dying for ages to say these six words on your radio station. health insurance for profit is immoral. >> uh-huh. >> stephanie: yeah. >> amen. [overlapping speakers] >> caller: outside of the united states, as you can tell from my accent i'm actually
7:17 am
appalled! [ laughter ] >> stephanie: as an american i'm appalled. >> caller: yes [ inaudible ] having been raised in engineer engineer -- england, if you don't want national health insurance you are perfectly welcome to buy it. but they are not for property fit. >> stephanie: right. jacki wouldn't life be the first thing -- isn't the whole concept wrong in this country? >> yes. because we're not voluntary consumers in the health care marketplace. so you are forced into the marketplace unfortunately when something happens to you and you are not in a position
7:18 am
generally to comparison shop. and the insurance companies responsibility is not to the american public and the well-being of the american people. >> stephanie: dave raises a great point. we are crazy in america. >> yes. >> stephanie: why is it that when your house is on fire you call the fire department but when we get sick, our society says you are on your own. can you pay for that? >> because we've built this for-profit market. and there are billions and billions and billions of dollars at steak. and there is so much money you are fighting against. all of the pieces of the medical industrial complex, it's huge and you can't wipe that out.
7:19 am
it's just not feasible, but what is interesting, and richard points this out, as we go to these state models -- vermont for example, is edging towards a single payer system. and they are hoping to have something like that in place by 2017. so the question becomes can we on a state level maybe some progress for a single payer model? and maybe that's a state by state thing. >> stephanie: absolutely. >> people will have to cross state lines to get health care. >> no buying across state lines are necessarily a good thing. because right now consumer protections are state by state. so these corporations would state up in states like delaware like your credit card company does, where they have really weak consume protections. >> stephanie: are you implying that republicans like to favor
7:20 am
big corporations in some way? >> corporations are people my friend. >> stephanie: another spectacular health care corner. [ applause ] >> stephanie: eighteen minutes after the hour. go to my pc is how we run this ramshackle business, right, chris? >> oh, yes. >> stephanie: we're all over the place in this day and age. we have a lot of work to do. places to be. >> and right after this show we have to vacate this studio and if i need something often of this computer the only way i can get it is go to my pc. >> stephanie: right. >> the only way i can get it is go to my pc. >> stephanie: i'm entitled to get the hell out of here. that's why i use go to my pc by
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it's the documentary series that raised the bar for excellence. and, on the next vanguard: >> prohibition has not worked. >> as battle lines are drawn and redrawn nationwide, current takes you into the trenches of "the war on weed." >> next, on current tv. ♪
7:26 am
>> here ye -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ wait a minute ♪ ♪ get on the floor and get down too it ♪ ♪ yes, let's do it man ♪ >> i had no idea [ inaudible ] has a funky booty. >> she does. she has a donkey booty. >> stephanie: i play lucy at the theater festival many years ago. >> wasn't that when you were in streetcar named desire. >> yes, i was a nurse. i'll do it. blanch, it's time to go. >> you had to wait the entire play -- >> stephanie: yes. my entrance was longer than my
7:27 am
line. my entrance was like it was a really long entrance in the spot light, because it was supposed to be dramatic -- >> exactly. >> stephanie: so -- >> spoiler alert. >> stephanie: sorry, rose bud is a slut. oh for god's sake. jason in albuquerque, welcome. >> caller: hi, guys -- hello? >> stephanie: yes, hello. >> caller: hi, guys. >> stephanie: yes, go ahead, jason. >> caller: sorry guys i'm trying to take you off of bluetooth. i'm calling to argue with you guys, which i very rarely do. but today i want to pick on you guys for making a big issue out of gun control. what everybody isn't talking about is how the last 30 or 40
7:28 am
years, how we have as a society started to slowly accept and condone killing and assassination, and i think this is -- >> stephanie: okay. so you're doing the drone argument? >> caller: no, it's not even just the drone argument. it's a the argument that it's okay for bush or obama or this government that we have to publicly condone assassination and killing. you know we go to war, which is ridiculous -- >> stephanie: right. but jason, do you not condone let's say the assassination of osama bin laden? is that not a better result than the entire afghanistan war? >> caller: stephanie people can make the same argument about killing lincoln, you know. >> stephanie: killing lincoln? >> caller: yeah, i mean a lot of
7:29 am
people would say, well if lincoln had been killed earlier lots of americans wouldn't have died -- >> stephanie: they could make that argument, but they would be a dope. >> caller: okay. my point is that -- >> stephanie: my point is there's no analogy between osama bin laden and lincoln. never mind. if i need to explain it you are to dumb to live. >> oh. >> stephanie: not to him, just in general. if you saw "zero dark thirty" and "lincoln," and thought the same thing -- >> so a lot of people died in world war ii, so was that wrong as well? >> stephanie: right. if you thought both of those guys had it coming there is something wrong with you. >> you must have been educated in texas. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: back to the fry basket. okay.
7:30 am
americans worry more about gun violence than losing their jobs. the kaiser foundation asked how much they worry about certain situations. this is interesting. poll just out americans worry more about being a victim of gun violence, than losing their job or being able to pay their mortgage. >> wow. >> stephanie: and then in another edition of -- [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: colorado man arrested last week for harassing a speaker -- giffords has become a verb now. she is a black woman legislator who lost her son to gun violence, who is pushing for some gun control measures. he also mentioned beth mccann, he said hopefully someone will giffords both of your asses.
7:31 am
he said there will be blood i'm coming for you. >> and it's because of guys like that that we need gun control. >> stephanie: he repeatedly apologized to one detective for using sexually derogatory and racist statements. he said i don't use those words, i'm not a racist. >> whatever! >> stephanie: we're talk about "zero dark thirty" with a former interrogate for next on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ >> go ahead! (vo) current's award winning original series is back, with a world premiere episode. it's a pretty, little town, with an ugly reputation. >> you just google harrison, what will come up is the klan. i'm all for that.
7:32 am
>> the kkk doesn't speak for us at all. it speaks against god. (vo) which side will win the soul of harrison? >> we're never gonna move.
7:33 am
7:34 am
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7:36 am
>> do you two have to immate everything you see on -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> we're 12 so yes. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: true that. thirty-four minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2. we're all in the oscar after glow out here in hollywood. and i was talking about a great piece by ali soufan entitled torture lies in hollywood. because i just saw "zero dark thirty." he writes i watch "zero dark thirty" as someone who enjoys hollywood movies. as a movie, i enjoyed it, as history it was bunk. the filmmakers pass fiction off as history.
7:37 am
amar is a composite character who bares a strong resemblance to a real life terrorist, but the cia has repeatedly denied he was ever water boarded, and he did not give up information that lead to bin laden. after being water boarded 132 times he actually played down the information that led us to osama bin laden. good morning. >> good morning. >> stephanie: what a great piece this is. >> yeah, i think it was a terrific piece too, but with a little bit of bias on my part, i should say. >> stephanie: a tiny bit. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: i wanted to see the film katherine biglow wrote an editorial for the "new york times" where she said i don't personally believe that torture
7:38 am
lead to the capture of osama bin laden, but i agree now having seen the movie with ali, do you, that it absolutely gives the impression that torture lead to getting osama bin laden. >> i agree completely. i saw the movie on the first night's opening in new york. and it is an entertaining movie. the last 30 minutes of the movie, if it doesn't get your heart rate up nothing will. >> stephanie: right. >> but the opening frame where it talks about based on firsthand accounts and then immediately goes to the scenes with amar getting the torture, yeah, i did have a problem with that. and i agree with the op-ed piece too, that it says that hollywood is not really compelled to get it right or have any kind of moral compunction. that really should up to the president, the congress the
7:39 am
report that i think we'll probably talk about, but the other part of it too, and granted the film makers are trying to tell a very very complicated history of over ten years, and it's pretty tough to do, but not even a passing reference to the debate about the efficacy about those techniques. >> stephanie: yeah, numerous investigations, most recently a report by the senate reached the same conclusion enhanced interrogation didn't work. this is a disservice both to our history and our national security. and that is the point he is making, this is too important of an historical event to get it wrong, right? >> absolutely. and what we have been seeing is to the extent possible in a
7:40 am
secure and righteous way the report should be declassified and released to the public. to the extent that it protects sources, but still, though, from the words of senator feinstein and senator mccain himself it's misleading and there's no indication that the torture was anything but wasting times and lost leads. >> stephanie: that's right. john brennan, now president obama's nominee recently testified the classified report raises serious question about the information he received. he said publicly what many of us who were in interrogation rooms had been warning about for years, senior officials, right up to the president has been mislead. >> that's another -- two terrific points there. it would good to hear mr. brennan say that. if you have been in government
7:41 am
long enough, you see this over and over again. and it's almost never with ill intent, but you get into this phenomenon where seniors are over briefed. there's this internal pressure to put the best look the best face on a program. so someone like brennan up through the former president and vice president were probably a lot of times over briefed on the results of these kind of things particularly if you have seniors within an organization who are proponents of that program. >> stephanie: ali says some of these memos pointing out they have been declassified and it is the same thing. meanwhile [ inaudible ] selectively declassifying material and providing false information that fits their narrative. you said the creators of "zero dark thirty" attempted to document the greatest manhunt in
7:42 am
our nation's history. and this stuff really ought to be declassified right? >> right. that's exactly the other point you raise there, stephanie, is the idea of -- okay they had access to individuals who were aware of the program and so by having that kind of perspective then they are controlling the narrative, and thus it comes out that way on the film and it's inaccurate and misleading. >> stephanie: ali writes only those with security clearance like mr. brennan can read how the public was mislead. and advocates of torture don't want release. that's the only way to ensure that future generations won't go down that path again. and that's exactly what dick cheney doesn't want right? for us to know the whole truth.
7:43 am
>> exactly. >> stephanie: i thought i don't want to express an opinion without having seen the film, and i have to say you are absolutely right, it is a great movie, but again, you can't take something that historical and -- can you imagine if they got everything in "lincoln" wrong? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> absolutely, and see that's the thing. i mentioned before and i believe ali did in his piece, that it's really not hollywood's responsibility. but none the less we as former practitioners involved in our post government working life we -- we have concerned that this will become you know -- let's say the definitive history of how bin laden was captured, and that was the close on that era of terrorism which again, it's inaccurate, and we're talking about two important things, efficacy and then the huge thing we haven't even mentioned yet, morality.
7:44 am
>> stephanie: yeah. and i share ali's hope. he says once it is declassified it won't be long before another hollywood story comes along to tell the real story of the capture of bin laden. i think that's true? >> yeah. >> stephanie: i went to the film with a guy who is very liberal. and we were talking afterwards, and he was like sometimes i think torture does work or whatever. and i sent him this piece, and he is like okay, i was wrong. but that's the visceral thing that you and ali are saying that movie movie creates. and the point of this whole piece is no, you don't, and it doesn't work. >> yeah, and you talk about the sequence with the way the film started with the firsthand accounts and then the actual
7:45 am
recordings of victims pleading for help and then the very next seen is amar undergoing the treatment, which by the way it didn't happen that way anyway. >> stephanie: right. it is flooding that feeling we had right after 9/11 to go -- and you are absolutely right. the issue is morality. >> yeah, if you are a pretty normal human being after the opening scene like that and then the very emotional recordings, most people would say, yeah, they deserve that. but that has nothing to do with getting information efficiently, quickly and then using it in an actionable way. >> stephanie: absolutely. robert thank you so much for coming on with us. i know ali is traveling and you have so many of the same experiences. thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> stephanie: there re goes.
7:46 am
[ applause ] >> i loved that scene in lincoln when he called for an air strike of f-16s. >> stephanie: yeah, that was awesome. and then george washington shot him. what? >> wait a minute that didn't -- lincoln didn't have any nuclear submarines. >> stephanie: the civil war would still be going on -- >> although there were submarines in the civil war. >> yes, hand-cranked sub are -- submarines. >> exactly. >> stephanie: good morning donna. >> caller: i wanted to call about california, there is a policy now that they can get. our insurance agent called me the day after the supreme court ruled on the affordable care act, and said i have great news you can get a policy now.
7:47 am
it's the preexisting condition insurance plan, and people can google it. pcip on their internet and find out. i went six years without insurance, and my arthritis went to osteo par row sis, but i have insurance again, and i'm so excited about it. and i want to let people know. right now there is only a little over 1500 of us enrolled in this plan, and we need more people enrolled to make it work. the premium is $492 a month, which is not really that much. the previous program, california had was called a major risk medical insurance plan, the premium on that was $1,200 a month, $4,500 deductible and lifetime cap of 85 k.
7:48 am
>> stephanie: donna we have to break here. but thank you so much for that. and people can google that. >> shaf would like to say that lincoln didn't have drone, but mary lincoln was known to drone on. >> stephanie: yes, thank you for setting the record straight, shaf. [overlapping speakers] >> stephanie: i need that like i need a hole in the head -- >> that lady is bipolar, run! >> stephanie: blah blah blah. we're doing like 16 different skits at once. >> i know. >> announcer: excatholic girl gone wild. her grade school nuns would like to slap her silly. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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this show is about being up to date, staying in touch with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about political grandstanding.
7:53 am
♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ i want to be your lover ♪ ♪ i want to be your mother and your sister too ♪ ♪ going to be your lover ♪ >> stephanie: oh, yeah. i want to make you scream like a goat. bee-och. >> no. >> stephanie: i'm not going to play i will always love you with goats again. okay. top of the hour. >> no! >> go to my pc mobile apps try it free for 45 days. for my special offer, click on the try it free button and type
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in the promo word stephanie. [ applause ] >> stephanie: lots of people loved our discussion on "zero dark thirty." i made the point can you imagine if they got all of the facts in "lincoln." as long as the kids remember the history of mitt romney correctly. >> history tells us that willard mitt romney ran for president in 2012. but history doesn't tell the whole story. >> romney: vampires are not people my friend. i'm here to turn the living dead into a living nightmare. >> mitt romney vampire hunter. he ran for president for four score and seven years. >> romney: these vampires don't have any experience running a
7:55 am
business. >> mitt romney vampire hunter. mediocrity shall not parish. [♪ dramatic music ♪] [ applause ] >> stephanie: yay. >> thanks rocky mountain mike. >> stephanie: doris in michigan. hi, doris. >> caller: hi, thanks for taking my call. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: he first time i heard you on the radio you had broken your foot or something. >> stephanie: wow, that was quite a while ago. all right. go ahead. >> caller: i'm physician and there's a couple of examples but if i can get to the first one anyway. if one were to talk about universal health care, and people talk about socialism and all of that but my brother was a marine in vietnam. so he qualifies to go to the va. and he came back -- >> stephanie: which is swimming in socialism. >> caller: yes.
7:56 am
yes. and it's wonderful, and mr. potter i think wrote a book on the best care anywhere was in the va but one of the things about the public money goes to the va and the help of our veterans, which if want it all to go for that and they have a low overhead like 2 or 3% but if you were to argue on the other side you would say i would like to take 30% of what we give of our public money, and give it to a guy who has a corporate jet, and then that's two-thirds left for my brother or everybody else's brother or sister, how about that? i don't know too many people would say yeah let's cut a third of that and throw it over to number who wants to make money. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: i think they would see it in a little different
7:57 am
way. >> stephanie: yeah for-profit health industry is immoral as our british caller said who said he is appalled as an american. he has one of those fake british accents like madonna. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: did i say 350 economists say sequester cuts will hurt the economy. how many economists does it take to make republicans and the congress pay attention. prominent economists who have issued important statement warning that the fragile recovery is threatened by the obsession with cutting the deficit. they are warning that big
7:58 am
spending cuts aimed at reducing the deficit could make the deficit worse. >> and then we can blame it on the president. >> stephanie: the establishment, obama derangement syndrome. they have to make both sides seem equal in every debate. bob woodward on wednesday morning, arguing obama's decision to not seize imperial powers, but follow the letter of the sequestration laws amounts to madness. obscure budget document is a dually enacted law. the only ways around it as the president has said is for congress to change it or for
7:59 am
obama to break it. they -- they keep trying to give him powers he doesn't have. which is it? like we keep saying. why won't the president lead? why won't the president get out of the way. why don't you shut up? that's what i want to know. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: now the president is letting brown people out to kill you. >> yeah. fox news just went ape dump over this. >> stephanie: the white house is threatening the public safety by releasing dangerous criminals. immigration and customs enforcement is pushing back by saying it is not endangering american lives, saying it took steps to avoid anyone who poses a threat. detainees with serious criminal
8:00 am
histories have not been released. as kong woman sanchez told us they have ankle monitors. >> do we get anything else from right-wing world? >> stephanie: no. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] president obama's team concedes the almost certain cuts on friday will not immediately produce the layoffs and airport delays, but it's the drip drip, drip of bad news and hopefully it will put republicans on the defensive and get something done here. we'll talk more about that next hour. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
8:01 am
[♪ theme music ♪]
8:02 am
>> stephanie: jacki schechner? >> yes. >> stephanie: current news senator. interesting debate with our interrogate for guy, right? >> very much so. i have a little important announcement to make though. >> stephanie: oh. >> it is the last day for the pope on the job, it is also the last day today for somebody that is very important to me personally, and that would be lisa ferguson. she is leaving us, and moving on. and we'll miss her producing skills and also keeping me sane and calm in the early-morning hours. >> stephanie: yes. >> you would be surprised what goes on bep -- behind the
8:03 am
scenes. >> so i wanted to say good-bye to her on the air. >> stephanie: thank you, lisa and by the way jim, smoking hot. >> yes, she was wearing a bikini at your house. >> stephanie: jim has a private going-away party planned. don't go lisa. here she is jacki schechner in the current tv newsroom. good morning, jacki.. >> good morning, everybody. participate will most the swearing in of jack lew next hour. vice president biden will be administering the oath. the senate confirmed leu late yesterday, and now he has to get right to work, because it looks like the sequestration is going to kick in tomorrow. and he will be looking for ways to roll back the cuts once they are in place. the first lady continuing to promote her let's move campaign
8:04 am
was in an op-ed today. she celebrates the move american businesses are making to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to consumers. and applauds wal-mart in selling more fruit and vegetables. mrs. obama emphasized what is good for our bodies also good for business. we spent $190 billion a year treating obesity-related health problems. and the house today expected to vote on the violence against women act finally. republicans are going to try to pass a watered down version of the bill first, and if that fails, then they will go for a senate version. we're back after the break. >> go ahead! (vo) current's award winning original series is back, with a world premiere episode.
8:05 am
it's a pretty, little town, with an ugly reputation. >> you just google harrison, what will come up is the klan. i'm all for that. >> the kkk doesn't speak for us at all. it speaks against god. (vo) which side will win the soul of harrison? >> we're never gonna move. your vacuum doesn't always pick up what's left behind. only the resolve easy clean system has foam power to remove three times more dirt than vacuuming alone. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean.
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey all right now ♪ ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good. >> stephanie: yeah, it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome it to. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. you know what i forgot to mention all morning? the big party? >> hey, chicago you say twice isn't enough the steph steph sexy liberal comedy tour is returning to the chicago theater on april 13th. tickets are available at come see the tour that sparked the number one comedy album, the
8:09 am
sexy liberal comedy tour. sweet home chicago is about to get a little more sugar from momma. >> stephanie: yeah, get it go. the marquee is up. hurry get those tickets. somebody else sat on the remote and found us by accident. charlie in kansas city. hi, charlie. >> caller: no, i can't find you on current tv. i found you on satellite radio. >> stephanie: oh, okay. >> caller: you was making fun of mitt romney. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: what has obama done? he hasn't done anything. >> stephanie: has he done too much and he is a socialist or has he not done anything? >> i'm not going to say he is a socialist. but he was a community activist and he never ran a business -- >> he was also a state and federal senator.
8:10 am
>> caller: how long was he a senator? >> stephanie: okay. you are running the last election. what do you mean? he has done a lot of things. he has gotten health care done -- >> caller: he hasn't gotten anything done. health care, the cost of it is enormous. >> stephanie: no, it's not. >> so is the cost of our health care system. we're going to bring the prices down. >> caller: no it ain't. it's not the government's responsibility to give us health care. >> stephanie: this is not government health care. >> it's privately run health care. >> caller: oh, don't give me that. >> no, they are run by private companies dude. >> stephanie: single payer would have been a government system. this is not a government system at all. >> caller: and they are talk about all of the gun stuff right now. and there is more crime in chicago -- >> stephanie: right. because there are very lax gun
8:11 am
laws everywhere around chicago. >> national gun laws federal gun laws that apply to every state -- >> caller: but obama has not done a dang thing to help this country. >> stephanie: oh charlie, you are the cutest little thing. he ain't done nothing. >> he ain't none done nothing -- >> he was totes adorbs. >> that's hilarious. >> stephanie: he still has early obama derangement syndrome. he is like a preskeeter. he is not even skeeter from this obama derangement syndrome --
8:12 am
>> who needs health care! he ain't never run no business. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: we have got to put him in the next version of this. here go. >> meet skeeter. skeeter is afflicted with obama derangement syndrome. for less than the price of two lattes you can help skeeter get basic education, and learn hygiene. we might prevent skeeter from running for a second congressional term. please help us erase obama derangement syndrome a half-baked thought is a terrible
8:13 am
thing to waste. [ applause ] >> stephanie: he ain't did nothing. and by now we actually agree. [♪ magic wand ♪] [ laughter ] >> stephanie: that's a little inside joke. i'm just kidding! oh, my goodness. >> we're still employed you know? >> stephanie: right. i'm very -- we were discussing during the break my drinking solution that has veered into a problem now. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: jim came in and said i shouldn't drink vodka, it makes me angry. i think i broke a table. >> you think you broke a table? >> yeah, there was a little side table that the top was off of it that is not connected to the legs anymore. it could be a cat jumped on it -- >> stephanie: i would go with that. >> you have five of them. >> stephanie: maybe vodka makes your cats angry. >> they have been dipping into
8:14 am
my vodka! >> stephanie: which makes you even angrier. we were talking about it and i'm like i can't go cold turkey -- so i'm on a reduction program that's going very well please and thank you. >> well it has been one day. >> stephanie: shush, i'm under a lot of strain! but some addictions take some time to break, for instance screaming goat parodies. it has already jumped the shark, and you think i'm done with that internet meme? right? we played bon jovi and who else yesterday? taylor dane -- >> somebody sent me goat-tee-a. >> stephanie: right. hal was here yesterday and he put it --
8:15 am
[ overlapping speakers ] >> you are drunk. >> stephanie: that is the problem is i'm not this morning. and it's very different. but what i'm saying is just one more, one more screaming goat parody, and that's it because -- whitney. ♪ and i -- [ screaming goat ] ♪ -- will always love you [ screaming goat ] ♪ i will always -- [ screaming goat ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: it's funny because it's the sound of my love life. >> you are so weird. >> stephanie: it's twue. ryan in pennsylvania. welcome. >> caller: hi, steph and the mooks. i actually have a larger point to make about the gun violence in america, but first i did want to touch on something an earlier caller had said you had asked him would killing bin laden
8:16 am
earlier have saved american lies and he said you could say the same thing about killing lincoln -- >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: i think he had abpoint in responding to your question, and then you kind of disconnected, and then like made a straw man argument -- >> stephanie: it is my first morning of sobriety just go with me please. [ laughter ] >> caller: what i was going to say about gun violence here in america is i think that lot of times in america people argue about what needs to be done. and i think it's more of the reality of violence. i think the generation of people that grew up now, the teenagers, the ones going to war, are -- they have grown up around us being in a perpetual war, where it's a okay to kill people in afghanistan iraq pakistan -- >> stephanie: i don't think people think it is okay. many, many people were against
8:17 am
the iraq war -- >> caller: oh, yeah, i definitely was. >> stephanie: and my point was had we killed bin laden the way we did we might not have had to have the afghanistan war. i don't think people are for killing civilians of any kind. no civilians were killed in the killing of bin laden right? >> caller: right. >> stephanie: i'm sorry, people the house, but if you are hanging out with bin, your choices are worse than mine. and they were sober apparently. i have not made many of my choices sober. pat in l.a. welcome. >> caller: yeah, hi steph. long time listener. >> stephanie: thank you. go ahead. >> caller: i listened to you years ago when you were on another channel, and some person was saying that you knew nothing about republicans, and you said yeah, but your father had run for vice president under the
8:18 am
republican ticket and i thought that was like an woodial len moment. i loved that so much. that's when i became a fan. but about the movie i think you are missing the point. clearly the character that got water boarded was a compilation of many people. it's a two-hour movie, you can't show everything -- >> stephanie: but water boarding actually lead us away from bin laden. so that's a fact is wrong. >> caller: but it didn't show that water boarding actually lead >> stephanie: pat it strongly implied it. it strongly implied it. >> i think if they had not shown water boarding it would have been a disservice, because water boarding was part of the story. >> caller: you -- >> stephanie: you are right, but if you are going to be accurate
8:19 am
you would have included it as something that was not helpful in us getting bin laden. >> caller: yeah, but this was a character that was representing the whole -- >> stephanie: he was a character that was a real character that was not water boarded. so they water boarded -- >> caller: yell, they are saying it a compilation of characters. [overlapping speakers] >> caller: but there's one thing that i think you missed remember the monkeys in the cage -- the guy the actual torturer and later on the monkeys were gone and he said my work here is done, they have taken my monkeys away. he was referring to the fact that he could no longer torture, and it wasn't until well after that they got the information, so i think the movie in the idea of what happened is being
8:20 am
accurate. >> stephanie: well, i would strongly disagree but it is my first moment of being sober, so i apologize. you know what i need jim? a lot of drinks to kill the bug that is up my ass. [ laughter ] >> announcer: for a good time, call now, 1-800-steph-1-2.
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i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. ♪ ♪ i love -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ so put another dime in the jukes box baby ♪ ♪ i love -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ put another dime and dance
8:25 am
with me ♪ [ screaming goat ] >> stephanie: screaming goats. twenty-two minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. tomorrow fridays with fugelsang. >> indeed. >> stephanie: august -- no april 13th. chicago theater. sexy liberal get it go. >> and we have the return of kathleen madigan in studio. [ applause ] >> i love her. that's tuesday. >> stephanie: she is too rich comedy wise for all of the time but when we get her she is like a fluffy comedic desert topping. i always get the response no -- >> yes, because she's traveling. >> stephanie: and then she'll say something hilarious. >> can you share? >> stephanie: no i can't remember the last one.
8:26 am
who can remember all of her hillarity. it's too much. janet that janet nepal on the noe, says there is no progress expected before -- the boner the president is trying to scare the american people! yeah. strategies for the boner believe [ inaudible ] as -- >> computer says no. >> stephanie: by the by we have a new defense secretary. thanks to the republicans help once again. chuck hagel yesterday. >> budget, sequestration, i don't need to deal on all of the good news there. that's a reality.
8:27 am
we need to figure this out. >> stephanie: yeah. and he also talked about you know -- >> we can't dictate to the world, but we must engage in the world. we must lead with our allies. >> stephanie: the republican party's family feud exposed. the republicans need a richard dawson figure. the sexy headline, almost 60%, jim, of the republican party is out of touch with the american public, the poll exposes a bigger problem for the gop. the party is deeply divided, and fractured. with many holding decidedly negative views about their party. why are your hitting yourself? why are yao hitting yourself? stop it.
8:28 am
did your brothers do that to you? >> i had a sister. >> i think roman gomez did that to me. >> stephanie: right. that would be before he held me down and drips toothpaste into my mouth. is there something different and more dangerous happening here? i think so. [ applause ] [ sighs ] >> stephanie: okay. >> a girl can dream. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: [ inaudible ]. john in arizona. you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: good morning, little sis. >> stephanie: pardon me? >> caller: i love you guys. yeah, i live in arizona. it's kind of weird out here. i grew up in colorado and moved here because i really liked john
8:29 am
mccain when he was anti-bush. >> you moved to arizona because you liked one of their senator? >> yeah when mccain used to go head-to-head against bush's policies -- >> that's really a reason to pick up and move interstate. >> caller: well, i lost my job -- >> okay. [overlapping speakers] >> caller: he opened up a shop down in bull head and -- [overlapping speakers] >> caller: and then when i got here he died. his wife sold the business and i have been kind of stranded ever since. i bought a house that i can't sell -- >> stephanie: well you'll always have bull head. [ laughter ] >> you got out of that just in time. >> stephanie: eddie in tennessee. >> caller: hi, how are y'all doing? >> stephanie: good. >> caller: liberal caller from tennessee. that's kind of unusual, isn't it?
8:30 am
>> actually we have been getting quite a few since we have been on current tv. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: here is the deal, i was watching one of these shows -- i can't tell anymore whether they are conservative or liberal, but they were talk about the second amendment, people say we should abolish the second amendment. the second amendment gives us the right to carry firearms and there was this british guy talking, british, english, you know what i mean. and [ inaudible ] problems in the whole world. we have the lowest homicide rate -- >> stephanie: are you drunk by any chance? >> caller: no. just a bad imitation. >> stephanie: oh, i see. >> caller: right, and the other guy said, okay coming across the other way, said the reason we have the second amendment was because of you talking to the british guy. if the british would have let us
8:31 am
be, and let us do our thing -- >> stephanie: eddie, sorry, we're out of time. as much as i would like to hear your impressions of a conversation on another radio show between some guy and -- >> whatever! >> stephanie: while you have been drinking moon shine, i think -- >> yeah we're up against a hard break. >> stephanie: as far as you know we're up against a hard break. now we really are. we'll have to leave it there! ♪ >> go ahead! (vo) current's award winning original series is back, with a world premiere episode. it's a pretty, little town, with an ugly reputation. >> you just google harrison, what will come up is the klan. i'm all for that.
8:32 am
>> the kkk doesn't speak for us at all. it speaks against god. (vo) which side will win the soul of harrison? >> we're never gonna move.
8:33 am
8:34 am
8:35 am
8:36 am
>> oh, my god, that's -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> it's like meeting mickey mouse and walt disney at the same time. >> only two and a half hours until ex-benedict. [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: it is the farewell lunch for the pope is at the vatican olive garden -- [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: hurry. hurry. it is going to get crowded. and the new pope will be the new pope, and this pope will take the title pope classic. >> i prefer pope zero.
8:37 am
[♪ circus music ♪] >> he's too pooped to pope. [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: that's that puffy cheesy thing going for ya? [♪ circus music ♪] >> you know we are going to get cards and letters from catholics. >> stephanie: jerry you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: greetings from motown, and in the immortal words of the four tops, detroit is reaching out. will you be there? >> stephanie: we are here. we are here detroit. go ahead. >> caller: i wanted to bring up the issue of the fight over renewing the -- the voting rights act, and what justice scalia said calling it -- >> stephanie: he calls it a perpetuation of racial entitlement, the voting rights act. go ahead. >> caller: yeah, i heard that. and speaking as a black man,
8:38 am
white people since the beginning of this country, especially conservative whites have had racial entitlements for 400 years here. >> stephanie: thank you, exactly. >> caller: and for [ inaudible ] and then on top of that you had the lead justice, john roberts claiming there is more voter disenfranchise choicement in massachusetts than mississippi. >> stephanie: what? i think i speak for all hard-of-hearing darth vaders when i say what? [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: justice scalia called it a perpetuation on
8:39 am
a -- >> stephanie: that was a gasp. get that ready on prop 8 because you know he is go to say something incredibly homophobic. [ gasp ] >> that's the best gasp i have ever heard. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: the last time the voting rights law was before the justices, it passed 98-0 when it was before the senate -- scalia claimed four years ago this vote undermines the laws. he said the israel supreme court used to have a rule that -- >> why are we quoting israely law. >> stephanie: right. rich shall disenfranchise choicement is unacceptable because lawmakers are too afraid to be tarred as rarist.
8:40 am
>> why is he quoting israely law? we are not israel, we are america. we have our own laws. >> stephanie: right. >> okay. >> stephanie: get the gasps ready. [ gasp ] >> stephanie: and mummers. [ mumbling ] >> stephanie: did he just use the f word for gay man. [ gasp ] >> stephanie: by the way david frum wrote a piece in support of gay marriage. same-sex rights have finally jumped a generational divide. same-sex marriage rights can now show support everywhere in the party. he was talking about just his evolution personally. he said as a conservative he was always saying it's -- he was talking about from the economic
8:41 am
point of view i have been convinced i have been worrying about the wrong thing. stopping same-sex marriage excludes and punishes people who seek only to live as conservatives would urge them to live. like many signatories -- see biggest predicate for is that you know and love somebody that is as scalia would say a limp-wristed -- [ gasp ] >> a limp-wristed homo. >> stephanie: right. [ gasp ] >> all right. >> that's going the way of the goats. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: culture war politics has done to my own party. there you go. thank you david frum. [ applause ] [ gasping ] >> stephanie: nothing more to
8:42 am
say. brett in virginia. hello, brett. >> caller: haye steph, long time listener, love you guys. two things i wanted to touch on first with the bin laden and torture thing, if that were so true why did the bush cheney administration have to close the cia bin laden unit back in 2006? >> stephanie: exactly. do you think that impeded the search for bin laden in any way? >> no. >> stephanie: all right. by the way we have been talk about guns off and on all morning. vice president joe biden yesterday. >> the excuse that its too politically risky to act is no longer acceptable. >> stephanie: yeah, if anybody saw the sandy hook father on tv last night with a picture of he and his son crying talking about the assault weapon's ban,
8:43 am
again, it is not a partisan issue anymore. senator lindsey graham well-known southern bell. >> it is more about who has the gun than the gun itself. >> that's part of it. >> but if you have a huge magazine so you can keep firing and firing and firing and nobody can stop you, that's a problem. >> stephanie: yes. milwaukee police chief. >> it doesn't matter -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> i want to finish the answer. i want to stop 76,000 people from buying guns illegally. that's what a background check does. if you think we're going to do paperwork prosecution, you are wrong. [ applause ] >> wow! >> stephanie: yeah. he must have clutched the pearls continuously. >> bile on the fainting couch. not enough mint juleps in the
8:44 am
world! >> stephanie: why i never! [ laughter ] >> stephanie: i will be on the fainting couch forever! >> oh god. >> stephanie: oh! >> really? >> stephanie: okay. [ laughter ] >> we're going to be hearing from the senator's office pretty soon, i think. >> stephanie: oh i declare! are you going to let that man speak to me that way? >> i swear, i shall never go hungry again! >> stephanie: i need pie! >> she's from the carolinas, so is lindsey graham! >> stephanie: that man spoke to me! [ laughter ] >> surprise, surprise surprise! >> stephanie: it's my new impression lindsey graham as aunt bee. andy! opi! [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪]
8:45 am
>> stephanie: how awesome is [ inaudible ]. >> stephanie: how many -- how many cases have you brought to trial, [ crickets chirping ] [ mumbling ] >> stephanie: she made bernanke hum nah hum nah. did you see that? >> i did! >> stephanie: look at the time. grilling federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. here is some of that. >> i understand that we're all trying to get to the end of too big to fail, but my question mr. chairman is until we do should those biggest financial institutions be repaying the american taxpayer that $83 billion sub side that they are getting? it is working like an insurance policy. ordinary folks play for homeowner's insurance.
8:46 am
and these big financial institutions are getting cheaper borrowing to the tune of $83 billion in a single year simply because people believe that the government would step in and bail them out, and i'm just saying if they are getting it, why shouldn't they pay for it? >> i think we should get rid of it. >> stephanie: and then bernanke's confidence seemed to waiver when pressed by warren later. he suggested the government's tools to wind down the big banks were still a work in progress. he said i think we have made some progress. we have a plan that's moving in the right direction. she said any idea when we're going to arrive? >> oh! [♪ dramatic music ♪] >> stephanie: bam! right in the neck! >> mic drop. >> stephanie: she said mic drop and she walked off.
8:47 am
gangsta mic drop. he said it's not a 0-1 kind of thing, bernanke stammered in response. over time we will see increasing -- ah -- ah -- ah -- increasing -- >> ahhhhh -- >> stephanie: increasing market expectations that these institutions can fail -- >> i have to go potty. >> stephanie: it sounds like boner doing the cowardly lion when they step on his tail. >> somebody stepped on my tail! [ [ sobbing ] >> now you went into charles nelson riley. and then lindsey graham said i
8:48 am
have got -- >> what is wrong with you? >> stephanie: this stopping drinking is a bad idea -- >> yeah, you may need to go back to drinking -- >> stephanie: animating tweety birds around my head. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: forty-six minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: excatholic girls gone wild her grade school nuns would like to slap her silly. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ billy zane stars in barabbas. coming in march to reelz. to find reelz in your area, go to
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it's the documentary series that raised the bar for excellence. and, on the next vanguard: >> prohibition has not worked. >> as battle lines are drawn and redrawn nationwide, current takes you into the trenches of "the war on weed." >> next, on current tv. ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ baby come and get it baby come and get it come and get it
8:53 am
while it's hot ♪ baby come and get, baby come and get it, you'll always get the best i've got ♪ >> stephanie: oh sorry. >> you broke the show -- >> stephanie: i called you a bad word. >> you did >> stephanie: it was comedy. and you fake cried. >> you have something in your teeth. >> stephanie: you are still a [ sobbing ] >> stephanie: this hour brought to you byier this bier this -- bier this are breath lozenges. travis forwarded this email, is the show really that funny, or does it just seem that way because i'm always high when i watch it on current tv.
8:54 am
[ applause ] >> probably a little bit of both. >> stephanie: stephanie miller. >> right. >> it's morning everywhere -- >> stephanie: right. >> wow. >> stephanie: some dude watching some current. >> that takes some dedication to get high this early in the morning. >> stephanie: the headline chris christie not sweating cpac -- he is sweating everything else, but -- he is not losing sleep over not being invited to the conservative political action conference. that's their prerogative. they say i'm nasty, but i don't give a damn. i was free styling. he didn't say that. but he said that's their prerogative. they said -- organizers snubbed him, and he made it very hard for republicans in the congress at a time when we were trying to deal with fiscal constraints. [ baby crying ] >> stephanie: you needed it in a
8:55 am
timely manner -- [ baby crying ] >> stephanie: all right. seth mcfarlane has ruled out an oscar return. he said he had a lot of fun, but it is not an experience he wants to repeat. >> i thought it was funny. >> stephanie: we're too politically incorrect -- >> there's a difference between jokes about sex, and homosexualtive -- >> stephanie: we did see their boobs. >> we did. >> stephanie: and it got great ratings. anne hathaway's acceptance speech, she reportedly rehearsed her acceptance speech a lot.
8:56 am
i guess she was planning on women. she thanked her husband and fellow fellow lait came true. it was a thing on i dream a dream. she apparently practiced the speech in an effort to appear more likable. if you have to rehearse appearing likable, and authentic -- >> there was a little bit of a backlash to anne hathaway. >> stephanie: because of les mis -- >> stephanie: there was the thing going around facebook where it was flowchart. so a backlash was started. >> stephanie: leave her alone. she has made a nation of women want to be as thin as dying
8:57 am
french prostitutes. [ applause ] >> stephanie: is that an insult? [ laughter ] >> stephanie: speaking of the oscars how much do we love adele. and she won her oscar for skyfall. you know where she went? >> where? >> stephanie: in and out. >> that is a block and a half away from -- >> stephanie: i bought a hamburger. ben affleck shaved off his lucky beard moments after received his oscar. the whole family was tired of the beard. he did it to mark the end of a chapter. >> okay. >> stephanie: that means i need to regrow my unibrow. >> to mark the end of what
8:58 am
chapter >> stephanie: what are you telling us? >> stephanie: no to make me a major hollywood player again. it was good luck for him the beard. so i should have not tweezed my unibrow is my point. >> there is no splashy awards show for radio. >> stephanie: no, they don't. what did the hollywood publicist say to you once? >> you have to realize how low on the entertainment totem pole radio is. >> stephanie: they were like oh no. do they still have that? >> all right grandma. >> stephanie: kanye west
8:59 am
launched into another diatribe where he considered himself the musical equivalent to picasso and speak >> stephanie: he said no matter how they try to control you or the mother -- i am picasso, walt disney and steve jobs. >> and he'll be hosting the oscars next year. >> stephanie: kanye is so -- >> he's a jack ass. >> stephanie: thank you mr. president. gawker wants us to know that janet jackson secretly married a [ inaudible ] businessman last year. janet jackson surprised the world today that they have been married since last year. [ applause ] >> stephanie: all right everyone move on with your life. >> and


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